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Brisket Basics

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I had the opportunity this past weekend to smoke a brisket and wanted to share my process.  It takes time and a little patience, but I think the results are well worth the effort.   Here’s the step by step:

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Replay – How to trim St Louis style spare ribs

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Replay – How to Trim a Brisket for Competition

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Gravy! Not BBQ, but…delizioso!


Gravy…about the only thing this has to do with BBQ is that they’re both cooked low and slow, but this recipe is worth sharing, so here goes. Read the rest of this entry »

BBQ Sauce Review – Just Leave the Bones

I received a sample bottle of Just Leave the Bones BBQ sauce from Brian Corbett of Smokin’ Skullies BBQ, LLC, and my first impression right out of the bottle was WOW!  It’s tangy first, with just the right amount of sweet and savory in the background.  Then comes the kick, not overwhelming but definitely a presence on the finish.


I tried Just Leave the Bones, first on chicken thighs and then babyback ribs, and the results were very good to say the least, but when I used it in my  pulled pork recipe, I was absolutely floored!  The balance of flavors is the perfect compliment to the tender, smokey goodness of a well cooked pork butt.  I will seriously consider using Just Leave the Bones in my competition pork entries this year, that’s how good it is.  I can’t wait to try it on Brisket.

Congratulations to Brian on a well crafted competition quality BBQ sauce!

You can find Just Leave the Bones at


Real BBQ ribs on an electric stove? Let’s see…

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Second Place Chicken at The Hudson Valley Ribfest 2012

One of my favorite competitions of the year, and by far the closest to home, The Hudson Valley Ribfest this past weekend was a blast.  As usual, we met some old friends and made some new ones too.  We shared a pot luck dinner with some neighbors and plenty of great food and cold beer was consumed.  It just doesn’t get much better than that.

We also had the good fortune to take a walk at the awards ceremony!  This time it was second place for chicken.  Go Hogs!

Bone-in Strip Steak

On the menu this Sunday was bone-in strip steak, grilled fingerling potatoes, grilled corn and a spring mix salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette.   Oh yes, and a frosty brew to wash it all down; it doesn’t get much better that that!

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Rock N Ribfest 2012 – Merrimack, NH

Bob’s Hogs were at Rock N Ribfest  2012 in Merrimack, NH this past weekend.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I can think of no better way to spend Fathers Day than cooking with my family. Read the rest of this entry »

Leftover Brisket Chili

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Competition BBQ Timetable

BBQ competitions have become very popular in the last few years, and with good reason.  If you haven’t visited one, you owe it to yourself to experience the sights and smells, the excitement and most importantly the great food and drink.  The teams are prohibited from serving their food to the general public, but you’ll find previous winners vending their BBQ in a carnival like atmosphere that usually includes live bands, rides for the kids and much, much more.

If you happen to make friends with one of the teams and are invited into their cook site (as happens often), you might even get to sample some competition level BBQ.   But one word of caution: From Early, early morning on turn-in day until 1:30pm, most teams are all business, and do not appreciate being disturbed in any way.  Come on Saturday, or after 1:30 on Sunday when the last entry has been turned in, and you’ll find most teams open and inviting.

If you’re considering entering a competition yourself, visiting one is a great place to start.  Talk to the teams, watch them work,  check out their cook sites and equipment and take notes.  Next, get certified and judge a competition or two so you can see what the turn-in boxes look like, and what appeals to you and the other judges.  Finally, gather your equipment, find a good source of quality meats and start practicing so you can develop your plan of attack.  The plan should be the culmination of all those steps above.  It should be in writing and very detailed. It’s easy to forget something in the heat of competition.

I’ve attached Bob’s Hogs Timetable for our upcoming competition in Rochester, NY to show you the level of detail I’m talking about.  I’m also giving you a peek into the ‘secret’ methods we’re using these days in competition.  Exact recipes are not included, but you’ll get the idea.  Click on the clock to have a look, and good luck!

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Another Competition Chicken and Ribs Practice

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New Look for Bob’s Hogs 2012

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Peachy Pork Butt

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How to Spatchcock and BBQ a Chicken

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Simply Marvelous Rib Tips

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Sweet and Spicy Wings

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Should Pulled Pork become the unofficial food of March Madness?

Our friends at are on a mission to have pulled pork become the unofficial food of March Madness, and I think that’s a great idea!  Read on and find out why!

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Southwestern Shrimp Skewers

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BOB’S HOGS 2012 KCBS BBQ Competition Schedule

Here’s what we have so far, maybe more to come…

May 26-27 – Roc City Ribfest – Rochester, NY

June 16-17 – Rock n Ribfest – Merrimack, NH

July 21-22 – South County Balloon Festival – Kingston, RI

August 4-5 – Western Main BBQ Festival – Fryeburg, ME

August 18-19 – Hudson Valley Ribfest – New Paltz, NY

(change) September 15-16 – Harvard Fall Festival – Harvard, MA

Spicy Apple Babyback Ribs

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Job Site BBQ

I did a Friday afternoon cook for the guys (and girl) on my construction site this week, my way of saying thanks for the hard work they do.

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Country Style Ribs

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UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker)

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