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How to make a bacon weave

A bacon weave can wrap a pork loin, a Fatty (sausage roll), a venison backstrap, or just about anything you want to baste with delicious bacon fat while it cooks, not to mention that just about EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon!

Here’s how:
Start with a pound of bacon. I like the thin strips so they crisp up better. Lay out eight strips side by side on the cutting board.

Now fold every other strip back in half. In this case, from the top I folded back strip one, three, five and seven.

Next, lay a strip of bacon perpendicular to the other eight, right up against the fold.

Bring one, three, five and seven back over and fold two, four, six and eight in half over the top of the perpendicular strip.

Lay another strip up against the fold,

bring two, four six and eight back over the top of that piece,

and fold one, three, five and seven back and lay in another strip.

Continue the process until you get to the end, you should have the knack by now.

When you get to the end, start working in the other direction.

It’s as easy as that!

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