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Spare Ribs on the Big Green Egg

I started with two racks of spare ribs cut St. Louis Style.  To learn how to trim your ribs this way, click here:

Next, I gave them a good coating of spice rub.

While the Big Green Egg was coming up to temperature, the ribs and spices were getting happy.

Onto the Egg they go!

Holding steady at 275*

Opened her up after one hour to give it a mop.  4 parts apple juice to 1 part vegetable oil and a little spice rub.

After two hours, they’re ready to be wrapped.

So I brought them inside…they’re looking pretty good so far!

I spread a little of my rib sauce onto the foil.

Put the ribs on top, meat side down,

and double wrapped them.

Back onto the Egg they go for two more hours.

And here’s how they turned out.  Enjoy!

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