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Dads of Autistic Children Annual BBQ

My wife and I donated our time and all the meat for the Dads of Autistic Children Annual BBQ.  The prep work was done at home the day before.  I started the brisket and butts on my Stumps vertical smoker at midnight.  In the morning, I wrapped them up and put them in the hot box for the short ride over to the picnic grounds.  There, I fired up Big Red and got brisket and butts back on the heat and got started on the ribs, rib tips and chicken.

Everything turned our great, and it was a lot of fun cooking for a great bunch of guys.  I’ve had many, many compliments on my BBQ before, but I have to say this is the first time I received a standing ovation!  Enjoy the pics, I think they speak for themselves!

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