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Beef Back Ribs, Grilled Romaine Hearts and Tri-color Tomato Salad

I found these beautiful beef back ribs at the local Walmart, of all places!  A very simple seasoning of salt, pepper and garlic powder and a light brush of Garland Jack’s Secret Six Original Sauce was all they needed.  They really turned out great, super moist and tender and full of flavor.  Click on the photo to see how it’s done.

BeefBackRibs640-062914 12


I started out with this beautiful full rack of beef back ribs.  In my opinion maybe the tastiest part of a ‘prime’ rib roast!

BeefBackRibs640-062914 01



I scored the membrane on the back of the ribs to let the seasonings penetrate.

BeefBackRibs640-062914 02



Salt, pepper and a little garlic powder on each side.

BeefBackRibs640-062914 03BeefBackRibs640-062914 04



Onto the Big Green Egg, running at an even 250 degrees.

BeefBackRibs640-062914 05



Four hours without peeking, I let the thin blue smoke do its thing.

BeefBackRibs640-062914 06



Then I opened her up and gave the ribs a light coating of Garland Jack’s Secret Six Sauce (Original).  This is one of the best BBQ sauces I’ve found to compliment beef.

BeefBackRibs640-062914 07BeefBackRibs640-062914 09BeefBackRibs640-062914 10BeefBackRibs640-062914 11




Grilled Romaine hearts and  tri-color tomato salad were the perfect accompaniments.  Enjoy!

BeefBackRibs640-062914 12BeefBackRibs640-062914 13

4 Responses to “Beef Back Ribs, Grilled Romaine Hearts and Tri-color Tomato Salad”

  • GringoDave:

    Hi Mister Bob – I just want to thank you for sharing this. I read it in the morning and by afternoon and had a rack of beef back ribs in my greedy hands. I followed your instructions – 250* for 4 hours – on my offset smoker and they came out perfect. I am usually consumed with meat temperatures and pre-prep but I just seasoned the meat and plopped it in the 250* smoker. GREAT! Next time I will spend more time removing the membrane on the bottom of the ribs. Thanks again!!!

  • Beef back ribs are my favorite ribs, even over pork spare ribs, but I think I’m the only person in my family to think so. I love the flavor they give. Yours look great!

  • Erik, just about ten minutes more to set the sauce then enjoy!

  • Erik:

    I can tell how tender the ribs are just from the photos, nice smoke ring!
    So you cooked the ribs for 4 hours without peeking, then gave them a coating of sauce…any additional cooking after that?