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Flat Iron Steak

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The Flat Iron Steak, a.k.a. Top Blade Steak, is one of the most flavorful and tender steaks you can throw on the grill.  The only challenge is the ridiculously tough line of connective tissue that runs down the middle.  If your butcher hasn’t removed it for you, you’ll have some dissecting to do.  Click on the photo for detailed instructions for butchering and preparing this awesome meal.

This beautiful steak was imported from New Zealand, and purchased at my local Restaurant Depot.

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Now for the butchery.  Open up the cryovac, give the steak a quick rinse and place it on the cutting board.

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Make an incision right down the middle lengthwise.  Cut a little at a time until you reach the tough white tissue about half way in.

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Now turn the blade sideways and follow the connective tissue in each direction.

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Now, with the steak opened up like a butterfly, slide the knife under that tough white tissue and carefully cut it out, pulling up as you go, like this.

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You’ll wind up with a beautiful piece of meat about one and a half inches thick and perfect for the grill.

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Now for the cook.  I made a marinade of :

1/2 medium onion diced

2 garlic cloves minced

1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons coconut aminos

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

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Put the steak into a 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag along with the marinade and gave it a good massage.

FlatironSteak040513-640- 13



Into the fridge for three hours to get happy.  The bowl is in case the bag leaks

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Time to cook!  I got the Big Green Egg up to about 500 degrees, gave it a good sear on both sides then shut all the vents and let it continue to cook until the internal temperature up to 125 degrees.

FlatironSteak040513-640- 16



Rested for about 15 minutes on the cutting board then sliced.

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Because I’m still religiously adhering to the Paleo (Caveman) Diet, I served it up with collard greens and Jicama Home Fries.   This was one of the most flavorful steaks I’ve ever grilled.  I will be doing this one again soon!

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7 Responses to “Flat Iron Steak”

  • Tom K.:


  • Tom,
    Collard greens can be made lots different ways, but I usually start by sauteing some minced garlic and fine diced onions in olive oil. When they’re nice and tender I add the collard greens (make sure you remove all the thick stems and wash them well!) and a cup of chicken broth, salt and pepper. Cover and steam the greens in the broth for about 30 – 45 minutes until they’re tender. Right before serving I drain them off and drizzle on some extra virgin olive oil. Crispy bacon bits are a nice addition, and I’ve also added pine nuts or sliced almonds for some crunch.

  • Tom K.:

    Thanks for sharing your technique. How about the recipe for the greens, or even some instruction? They look real delicious!

  • Erik:

    I will definitely be trying this!

  • The second to last picture is my favorite, it is the kind of steak, we all hope to make. I like have all the pictures to look at. And the marinade recipe is a simple and easy to make.

    Hoping to try this recipe out soon.


  • Stephen:

    I’m going to have to look for this cut…I usually do hanger steak for a quick cook.

  • I guess that every flat iron that I get has been trimmed, none of mine have ever looked like the pretrimmed piece. What we get looks like your trimmed one if you cut off both sides and left just the center. Great tasting cut of beef. Excellent tutorial on the trimming.