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Asian Fusion BBQ Wings

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Asian BBQ Wings, Sumi Salad and Fried Rice were on the menu this weekend. The fusion of Asian spices and BBQ techniques produced a tender and smokey super flavorful meal. Check it out:

First, I assemble the ingredients for the marinade.  You’ll see in the next photo that I added some peppercorns as well.

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In my mortar and pestle, I grind the salt and spices.

asianwings640 110313 12


I removed the shells from the cardamom and used only the seeds.

asianwings640 110313 13asianwings640 110313 14


Once everything is well pulverized, I reserved half for the rub and added the liquid ingredients to the rest.

asianwings640 110313 15asianwings640 110313 16


The wings go into a Ziploc bag and the marinade goes in on top.

asianwings640 110313 18


I gave them a good massage and put them in the refrigerator for about four hours.

asianwings640 110313 19


Right before they went into the smoker, I added some garlic powder and Tony C’s Creole Seasoning to the spices and sprinkled it on.

asianwings640 110313 20asianwings640 110313 21

Into the Stumps Baby, running at 275 degrees, one hour uncovered to soak up some smoke and one hour covered with foil to get them nice and tender.

asianwings640 110313 23asianwings640 110313 24

Kissed them with some flame on the Weber gasser for the Maillard Reaction (caramelization)

asianwings640 110313 27


Finally, I heated up some honey and Sriracha Sauce and gave them a toss along with some toasted sesame seeds.

asianwings640 110313 33

I served them up with a Sumi Salad and some Fried Rice.  I’ll post those recipes in a future post, but I can tell you the blend of sweet and spicy Asian flavors with the smokey tenderness of BBQ style wings was a match made in heaven.  Enjoy!

asianwings640 110313 35asianwings640 110313 34

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