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The Tri-Tip is a triangular muscle cut from the bottom sirloin of the cow.  While this steak is very popular on the west coast, it’s not so easy to find here on the other side of the country.  I assure you however, it is definitely worth asking your butcher for!  It’s relatively inexpensive, super flavorful and easy to grill.  I seasoned this beauty with garlic salt, black pepper and some Obie Cue’s Smooth Mooves BBQ Rub and Jerky Seasoning.


While the steak came up to room temperature, I got The Big Green Egg set up for direct heat, screaming hot with Royal Oak lump charcoal.


If you own an Egg, and look closely, you’ll be able to tell that my dome temperature is up around 650 degrees.


I put the steak on for about two minutes on the first side, rotating it 90 degrees halfway through to get some nice pretty grill marks.


Then I flipped it over, closed the lid and shut all the vents (top and bottom).  This drops the temperature in the Egg down to about 300 degrees very quickly.


Now I just let it roast for about 15 minutes or so, until the internal temperature reaches 125 degrees, then bring it in and let it rest on the cutting board for about 10 minutes.


Perfect, medium rare!  Don’t forget to slice across the grain!


Served with some creamed spinach and an iceberg salad.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  Bon Apetit!




13 Responses to “Tri-Tip”

  • Mitch:

    Looks AWESOME! I live in So. California and work all over the state, Santa Maria claims to do it best. I had it there and the edges were seared and after they sliced it, there were grill marks on the flat sides of the slices! So I bought one, about $8 here, and seared it HOT and FAST to an IT of 100, let it rest, sliced it and then quick seared it on the weber 22″. Came out awesome and very juicy, who woulda thought?? Just something different, take it easy!

  • Looks absolutely delightful!

  • Mr. Jeff:

    Thank-you Mr. Bob, will Do !

  • Mr. Bob, if that doesn’t get people salivating I don’t know what will! thanks for the Weber tip, trying it out tomorrow night.

  • Mister Bob:

    Mr. Jeff, sorry for the delay in answering, maybe a Groundhogs Day dinner? Tri-Tip would be great on a Weber. Bank your coals on one side, fairly close to the cooking grate for a super hot fire. Sear each side directly over the coals, turning 90 degrees once for some nice grill marks, then pull the steak to the side away from the coals and put the cover on. Use a remote thermometer right in the center of the steak and pull it off when the internal temperature reaches 125. Rest for ten minutes on the cutting board before slicing.