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Peachy Pork Butt

I’m starting with a 9-1/2 pound Boston Butt

I trim around the money muscle because besides cooking dinner, I’ll also be working on competition presentation.

I also trim away the fat cap.  I’ll get more bark that way, and I think a pork but has enough intramuscular fat to keep everything moist and tender.

Next, I inject the butt with a 50/50 mixture of Stubbs Pork Marinade and peach nectar.

Then the butt goes into a 2 gallon Ziploc bag and the rest of the marinade gets poured on top.  I squeeze out as much air as possible and put it in the refrigerator for about 6 hours.

When it came out of the marinade, I patted it dry with a paper towel and rubbed it with Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction, which contains dehydrated peach.  Then it gets wrapped in plastic and put back into the refrigerator for another 6 hours.

It goes into the cooker (in this case the UDS) running at 275 degrees.

After about 5 hours, the internal temperature was 165.

I brought it inside, poured on 6 ounces of peach nectar and triple wrapped it in foil.  Then it went back into the cooker until the internal temperature reached 195.  This took about 3 hours more.

When it came off the cooker, I rested it for about 3 hours in the Cambro.  It was still too hot to handle when I took it out.

First, I practiced a competition presentation.

Then it was time to eat.  I served the pork with scratch made sweet potato biscuits and a coleslaw with corn, black beans and Cajun Seasoning.  Enjoy, we sure did!

20 Responses to “Peachy Pork Butt”

  • Mister Bob:

    Jay, when I’m looking for really nice presentation, I use the pan method. I also uncover the butt, and hit it with some more glaze for a few minutes at the end for a really nice shine.

  • Jay:

    Bob back on the subject of the butts from my last Q. I am cooking on a Backwoods Smoker, would it be best if I just foil as asked in the above question OR would the butts glaze up nicer in a foil pan and foil over top of it as in another post of yours I seen.
    so my question is with my smoker which way would my bark turn out nicer?
    foil pan and foil on top OR just foil the butts up tight?

    You the man Bob!!! Thanks for your fast advice!!!

  • Mister Bob:

    Jay, I’ve done exactly that and it worked out very well. Make sure the guests see those beautiful butts before you pull them!

  • Jay:

    Bob I was wondering what you think about this;
    Well I LOVE your ribs and how they glaze up and was wondering how that would be on pulled pork. I was thinking use your peachy pork injection then wrap with your rib glaze or the basic Johnny Trigg glaze (brown sugar, butter and tiger sauce).
    Before I do 3 butts this weekend to feed a party of 50 I would be grateful to hear your opion 1st?