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BOB’S HOGS 2012 KCBS BBQ Competition Schedule

Here’s what we have so far, maybe more to come…

May 26-27 – Roc City Ribfest – Rochester, NY

June 16-17 – Rock n Ribfest – Merrimack, NH

July 21-22 – South County Balloon Festival – Kingston, RI

August 4-5 – Western Main BBQ Festival – Fryeburg, ME

August 18-19 – Hudson Valley Ribfest – New Paltz, NY

(change) September 15-16 – Harvard Fall Festival – Harvard, MA

14 Responses to “BOB’S HOGS 2012 KCBS BBQ Competition Schedule”

  • js-tx:

    Good luck to ya, I’m sure you will do well. I like your trailer, looks cool. Is it purely a toy hauler or do you have a counter/sink setup in there? Can you sleep in there?

    As life would have it I only competed in 1 comp. last year, and will probably will only do a few this year. Having a young family keeps me/us busy and isn’t cheap.. etc. But I will participate and help with judging (IBCA :) )when I can. I figure there’s no big rush for me to dive into this stuff right away. I figure with every cook I do at home and the more reading I’ll do will only help me do better. You have certainly helped me out in that regard, so a big thanks to you and I’ll be rooting for you!

  • Brian:

    I was hoping you would make it to the Florida BBQ Challenge March 23 & 24.

  • Mister Bob:

    Thanks John, I appreciate the support! I have cabinets and counter top in the trailer and a pull down bed which doubles as a bench. I set up a folding table and do all my food prep in there.

  • Mister Bob:

    Sorry Brian, not this year. Maybe when I finally retire from my day job, I’ll expand my competitions beyond the northeast.

  • Eric:

    Awesome blog! I’m learning a lot. Maybe I’ll get to see you in action at Seaside Heights.

  • Keeper # 1:

    The Que date looks good for me if you need help.

  • Mister Bob:

    Hello Keeper #1,

    I can definitely use the help on that one. It’s a long way to Seaside for Keeper #2, and the flame must be kept!

    Mister Bob

  • Bill:


    Nice site. We’ll be at Rochester and New Paltz. We’ll stop by and say hi…


  • Mister Bob:

    Thanks Bill, we’ll see you there! What’s your team’s name?

  • Keeper # 1:

    Will put it on the calendar. Will there be a need for the MB

  • Mister Bob:

    Keeper #1,

    We’re talking about The Master Baster? Absolutely I need him, someone has to baste the master!

    Mister Bob

  • Bill:

    Three Dogs BBQ…

    See you there…

  • I didn’t see you listed on the results for the Maine competition last weekend. Hope all is well. Best of luck the rest of the year!!!

  • Mister Bob:

    Unfortunately, we had to cancel at the last minute, but all is well. We’ll be in New Paltz, NY at The Hudson Valley Ribfest Aug. 17-19 next.