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Job Site BBQ

I did a Friday afternoon cook for the guys (and girl) on my construction site this week, my way of saying thanks for the hard work they do.

I brought the newly built UDS and my Smoke-EZ mod Kettle, both controlled by the BBQ Guru, CyberQ II.

The weather was bad so I set up under the soon to be demolished parking garage.

Babybacks, pit beans, smoked kielbasa, and chips, everything turned out great. That’s me, the handsome young guy in the Mister Bob shirt and the flaming do-rag. Everyone said the food was awesome, I even got a few “best I ever had” comments. I like to think they weren’t just kissing up to the boss…

One Response to “Job Site BBQ”

  • Nah, not kissing up. Unless they smoke their own, it’s pretty much guaranteed those are the best they’ve ever had. They are probably used to restaurant ribs.