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Country Style Ribs

What are Country Styles Ribs? Not really ribs, but little chops made from the rib end of a pork loin, or in some shops, cut from a pork butt. Here’s an interesting article on when and how they were developed.…try-style-ribs

These were on sale for $1.49/lb this week at my local supermarket.

I put them into a simple brine of sugar, salt and water. The ice is to bring the temperature down below 40* as quickly as possible as they go into the refrigerator.

Now, to decide which cooker to use. Left to right the UDS, the mini UDS, the Genesis gasser, the Stumps Baby, the Smoke-EZ mod Kettle or the BGE. (Yes, like many of you I’m a BBQ Psycho)

The UDS it is!
Minion Method and a basket full of lump. You’ll notice that I cook on a wooden deck, so I’m extremely careful with how I treat my coals! I also keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher handy!

After four hours in the brine, they get a nice rub. Simply Marvelous Season All followed by SM Sweet Seduction.

On racks in pans and into the cooker. The pans are covered with foil to make cleanup a little easier.

I let them cruise at 250 (without peeking) until the IT reached 195. It took about four hours.

They turned out so moist and tender, I skipped the sauce and served it on the side.

I served them with some fried chicken, coleslaw, tater tots, cornbread and steamed corn, with rave reviews all around.

6 Responses to “Country Style Ribs”

  • js-tx:

    Nice spread, thanks for posting! I like your arsenal of cookers too. I got a UDS too, but I don’t use it that much.

  • Mister Bob:

    All set Brian, photos and a brief description of the build is posted. Good luck with yours, let me know if you have any questions.

  • Brian:

    Nice UDS!! I just found someone in Miami that sells them “food graded” for $30.00 a pop. I’m a bout to go on a build. Saw your post on the Brethren but for some odd reason I can’t see a majority of the pics on the threads. Would appreciate if you posted them here.

  • Mister Bob:

    Hi Dave,

    1 – You’re welcome!

    2- You won’t be disappointed with any of the Simply Marvelous rubs, they are all great! I use the Season All to give a background of salty, peppery, savory flavor, then the Sweet Seduction for a complex sweetness that I really like.

    3- I’m still working on that one, you might see it in a post soon. Basically, the chicken is soaked in buttermilk for at least 4 hours to overnight, then dredged in a mixture of all purpose flour, corn flour and spices. It’s fried on the grill, in a cast iron pot, in really hot vegetable shortening until the outside is the way I want it. Then it then it comes out of the oil and onto the rack, (indirect heat) until the internal temp reaches 185 degrees.

    4- Actually I have ten cookers. Six of them are up on the covered porch for the winter so I can keep on cooking no matter what the weather is doing (that second one is a Cambro hot box for holding foods at temperature). And no, I that’s not two trucks; the red one is my wife’s Jeep and the black one is my GMC pickup. That’s the one that pulls my competition trailer.

    Smoke on!
    -Mister Bob

  • 1. Thanks for the post.
    2. I just ordered the 6 pack of Simp Marv rubs…why are you mixing them? I know the answer is obvious…I guess what I am trying to figure out is the differences in the products.
    3. So what is your fried chicken recipe?
    4. Do I see two trucks in the background to carry your seven grills?