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Competition Ribs Practice

Today was competition ribs practice.  I’m working on some new flavors for the upcoming season and this was the first attempt with a new rub and sauce combination.  It was also the first time I used the Smoke-EZ and BBQ Guru modifications on the Weber Kettle.   With all these firsts, I was a little concerned, but everything worked out great.

I’m using a combination of Simply Marvelous Season All and Sweet Seduction.  I wrap them up and put them in the refrigerator for about four hours.

I set up the charcoal in a half circle around the Smoke-EZ ring.  This should give me plenty of burn time for this cook.

Then I added some pecan chunks and the water pan filled with boiling water.

I set the Guru to 275 degrees and when the temperatures leveled out I put on the ribs.

After one hour, I spritzed them with some apple juice.

After two hours I brought them inside and doused them with a concoction of melted margarine, honey and sriracha sauce.

I added some apple juice to the pan and covered it with foil.

I didn’t want to waste all the extra space the Smoke-EZ provides, so I seasoned up a few yardbirds and put them on the bottom rack before the ribs went back in.

So, an hour and a half more for the ribs and a brush of my new competition sauce and here’s how the ribs turned out.

The flavor was exactly what I was looking for.  The sauce complimented the rub very well, and the Smoke-EZ and Guru mods performed flawlessly, a very successful practice for sure.  The chicken turned out great too.

35 Responses to “Competition Ribs Practice”

  • Mister Bob:

    Joe, the dome temperature is always higher than the grate temperature in a Primo or Egg, and 25 degrees is not that unusual, not to worry. As long as your Maverick is calibrated, trust it. As far as waiting for a fire to stabilize before you start cooking, that’s always a good idea.

  • Joe:

    Mister Bob I tried your ribs and they were great!!!! I love the systamatic way you work. One question I have, I am using a Paty Q and a Maverick remote theromcoupler. The Party Q registered 275 on the grate however the dome temp was over 300 checking with the Maverick. My question can the dome temp be higher than the actual cooking grate. Also I had set up indirect using D-plates I’m using a Primo XL…I re-calibrated the Q just to be safe.Did I just loose control of my fire??? Should you always wait awhile for the target temp to stabalize.

  • Mister Bob:


    I don’t check temp on ribs, I go by look and feel. You probably pulled them a little too soon. I leave them in the foil until pull back on the bones looks good, a couple of the bones are almost ready to break through the back, and a toothpick slides in between the bones very easily. At this point they’re pretty much done, with a little time out of the foil to set the sauce and let the ribs firm up slightly.

    Mister Bob