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Big Bertha

I added a new weapon to my BBQ arsenal this week.  Finally, someone made and extension ring for my 26-3/4″ Weber Kettle.  They offer one for the more popular 22.5″ size as well.   This is a link to the manufacturer:

Here’s what she looks like.  Click on the photo for more pictures and info.

To give it some perspective, I rolled over my large BGE for a size comparison.

The Smoke EZ comes with a heavy gauge stainless steel fire ring, with the logo laser cut into the sides.

This gives you the option to set up a ‘ring of fire’ on the outside for a long burn, or you can load up the inside and use a deflector plate or water pan above.

The Smoke-EZ also comes with a heavy duty stainless steel bowl that happens to fit right inside the ring.  This can be used as a water pan, or to catch drippings from above.

I made a few small modifications to suit the way I cook.  The Smoke-EZ has supports for two cooking grate levels, but it’s easy to add more.  Here, I attached a 1″ corner bracket using the factory installed bolt.  This will allow me to put another grate 6″ below the top one.

I can now install one grate at 14″ above the charcoal grate and another one at 20″.

I also installed a hook on the inside of the dome so I can hang it from the side of the Smoke-EZ while I’m moving things around, basting, testing temps, etc.

And of course, I installed a fan adaptor on the bowl so I can control cooking temps with my BBQ Guru.

Finally, the Smoke-EZ comes with a very neat rack that fits onto the grate supports and allows you to hang sausage, trout, or anything else you might think of.

I’ll be putting her through her paces this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted on the results.  Smoke on!

4 Responses to “Big Bertha”

  • Mister Bob:

    David, my 26.75″ model was $250, and I’ve heard the 22.5″ model is $150, but you can call Buddy, the president of Smoke-EZ at (630) 285-0146. I’m sure he would be very happy to answer all your questions, he’s a very nice guy.

    Installing the Guru was as simple as drilling a 1″ hole and using the adapter available from The BBQ Guru. Here’s the link.

  • I looked all over their website, at the two stores with websites that sell this and on Amazon. I could not find a price anywhere. How much are they asking for one of these?

    Second question…how do you have the guru installed? I’m guessing you had to cut the bowl somehow?

  • Mister Bob:

    Brian, A 26.75″ rack is 562 square inches per rack, times three racks equals a whopping 1686 square inches of cooking area. I have room to add a fourth rack, which would bring it up to 2248 square inches; that’s a lot of BBQ! To give you a comparison, my one 18″ rack in the large BGE is about 255 square inches, and a 22.5″ rack is 398 square inches.

  • Brian:

    Wow! How much room do you have now? I want a Smokenator for my 22.5″