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Competition Pork Practice

The Competition BBQ Season in the Northeast will be here before you know it, so practice starts now (as though it ever stopped!).  I’ve been working on a new flavor profile for pork, and I will keep some of the details secret this time because some of the information was given to me in confidence.

I’m starting here with a 10lb Boston Butt.

Because I will be turning in slices from the ‘money muscle’, I like to trim away any fat and clearly define the shape.

Then I trim away the fat cap.  I believe there is enough intramuscular fat in a pork butt to keep everything moist and tender, and I like the extra bark I get as a result.

All set for injecting.

I use about 8oz of injection/marinade per pork butt, paying special attention to the parts I’ll be turning in for judging.  Then it goes back into the refrigerator or cooler for at least 4 hours.

Next, it gets a good coating of rub.  I’m using a combination of two Simply Marvelous products, Season all and Sweet Seduction.   After rubbing, it goes right onto the cooker.

After the butt has been on for a couple of hours, and the bark is starting to form, I begin spritzing with diluted apple juice about once an hour.

When the internal temperature hits the stall at about 165 degrees, I add a cup of apple juice to the pan and cover with foil.

When the internal temperature reaches 195, it’s done.  Here’s what this one looked like.

And here are the pieces I would put in the turn-in box.   The pork was perfectly tender and the flavors were spot on, I was very happy with the results.   I do think the sauce was a little thick however, so I’ll adjust that in the next practice session.

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