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Daisy May’s BBQ USA – NYC

I took the weekend off from cooking and got my BBQ fix at Daisy May’s BBQ USA, during a holiday visit to New York City.  Daisy May’s is on the corner of  West 46th Street and 11th Ave., in a neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen.  This is Adam Perry Lang’s restaurant, so I had high expectations.

My wife and I couldn’t decide what we wanted, so we got a little of everything; brisket, pulled pork and ribs, mac-n-cheese, pit beans with burnt ends, coleslaw and jalapeno cornbread.  We also ordered some bourbon soaked peaches for dessert (possibly the best thing on the menu!).

This is my plate.  With all that food, I opted for a light beer.

The verdict?  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give Daisy May’s a 6.

If Adam Perry Lang is the head chef here (as advertised), he was nowhere to be seen, and possibly hasn’t been around for a while.  The ribs were dry and a little tough.   The pulled pork, while tasty, was over cooked and a bit mushy.  The brisket was under done, sliced with the grain, and had more chew than I would have liked.  The mac-n-cheese was nothing more than melted Velveeta on elbow noodles, and the coleslaw was just fair to middlin’.  On the other hand, the pit beans and cornbread were quite good, and the bourbon peaches were absolutely delicious!  All in all though, I was underwhelmed with Daisy May’s BBQ USA.

7 Responses to “Daisy May’s BBQ USA – NYC”

  • We also had pork ribs which were, frankly, amazing They had this thick crust of rub on them which was dark and sweet with a little kick.

  • Mister Bob:

    I agree. Some of the best BBQ I’ve had was at roadside pits where they sell ribs ’til they’re all gone, and then they go home!

  • js-tx:

    There are a couple places in Central Texas that will only make so much and when they sell out that’s it… gotta come back the next day. Although that can be frustrating for a customer, I gotta appreciate the fact that they take pride in their BBQ and want to do it right. It also adds a bit of novelty to the place too I think.

  • Mister Bob:

    Glenn – I’ve been to Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, the original, and it was excellent. If the one in Harlem is as good, I’ll have to make a point of getting there soon!

  • Mister Bob:

    I agree John. The very nature of BBQ dictates that you can’t cook to order because of the time it takes, so you have to cook and hold. They have to guess how many people will want to order a particular item, and at what time. I’m sure there’s a time when the pork was better, and the ribs weren’t dried out, I must have missed it. A busy place with a consistent clientele has a much easier time of it, but it still must be difficult to predict.

  • js-tx:

    Long time since I’ve been to NYC, thanks for the write up. I wonder why so many BBQ restaurants seem to have sub par BBQ? Could it be the way they need to hold or prep food in large amounts?

  • Glenn Detemple:

    I LOVE Daisy Mays! This is my Favorite BBQ spot in the city. You MUST try the Monster Beef Rib!! My Second Fav BBQ place is Dinosour BBQ in Harlem..