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Beef Back Ribs

Beef Back Ribs are on the menu Sunday, so the prep starts on Saturday.

I brushed them with a mixture of Worcestershire Sauce and Louisiana Hot Sauce and hit them with some Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Then they were vacuum packed and put in the refrigerator to spend the overnight marinating.

This is what they looked like the next day. It looks like I got excellent penetration of the flavors.

Onto the Big Green Egg. These were very meaty ribs, so I decided to use the probe to track the internal temperature. I usually go by looks and feel for ribs but I was curious to see what the IT would turn out to be when I thought they were done.

I set the cooker to 225 because I had plenty of time ’til dinner. I usually cook at a little higher temperature.

After the ribs were on for 3 hours, I started to baste them every half hour with a mixture of Guiness Stout, beef broth, Worcestershire Sauce and some crushed garlic cloves. I also decided to use a fresh thyme basting brush, for another flavor dimension, a la Adam Perry Lang.

After 5 hours, the ribs had an internal of 180 degrees, so I figured it was time to put on some corn.

Here’s how they turned out. After 6 hours in the cooker, the internal temperature was 195 degrees and I had excellent pull back on the bones.

They were without a doubt the best beef ribs I’ve ever made, and maybe the best I’ve ever had! Like the best part of a great prime rib! Enjoy, my wife and I sure did!

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